Hera Has a Heart

"I just attended the Whispered wisdoms of the moon class with Lynda Emashowski and Jessi Lea...and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this class for men and women alike. It's a lovely system for exploring the phases of the lunar cycle and relating them to the phases of life. Insightful perspectives for a modern world, and timely as the moon joins the sun this eclipse season. Hugs all and happy day."

Dani Crowell Asheville, NC August 19th, 2017

"I loved this class! Lynda is a great source of wisdom channeled through her. I learned a lot about myself and the way that I look at and feel about things in my lunar cycle each month. Through storytelling and parables about life you will connect more deeply to your own rhythms and inner wisdom. ‪Jessi's incredible musical performance blew me away. A one of a kind event. I feel so grateful to have had the moon teachings presented in two completely different ways. Please take this class."

Liza Scully, Santa Cruz, CA September 9th, 2017

Photo courtesy of Spiritsong.  Asheville, NC Aug. 19th 2017

The Moon, is Hera Has a Heart's second concept album.  

Performances will be offered along with workshops with Lynda Emashowski, M.S., D.L. this fall 2017.  

Listen and Purchase The Moon here:

“I recently attended the “Whispered Wisdoms of the Moon” Workshop taught by Lynda Emashowski, along with the “Moon Concert” by Jessi Lea. They are both dynamic guides and their teachings work in harmony. This experience has left me feeling much more aware of how the moon effects our journey. If you wish to raise your vibration and listen to the messages brought to you personally through the whispers of the moon, than please hurry and register as I know the classes are limited. Thank you Lynda and Jessi for your heartwarming messages filled with love.”

 Lorraine Turner Asheville, August 19th, 2017

Photo courtesy of Nicole Gagliano.  Live in Petrolia, CA Premiere of "The Moon Part I - Waxing".  2017

"What a powerful workshop this was! ‪Lynda Emashowski is a powerful teacher and passionate presenter of her deep insights on the power of the moon phases as she has received them... not from an astrological perspective, but as one who has received these insights from years of observation and willingness to share her message of transformation.

And, the musical sharing of ‪Jessi Lea is equally as powerful.... charged with passion and a unique and beautiful way of sharing her message. Gifted with the ability to play a number of different instruments that lend to the magnetic quality of her voice... this is an experience you will not forget!!!"

 Spiritsong Mary O’Shannon, Asheville, NC

Aug. 19th, 2017


Moon Concert

with Jessi Lea, B.M., B.L., music teacher, creator of Hera Has a Heart, and composer of The Mirror and The Moon. 6pm – 8:00pm

Take a musical journey through the 16 phases of the moon while Jessi uses the textures of different instruments along with her vocal styling and poetry to help further your understanding of the moon teachings. 

Whispered Wisdoms of the Moon Workshop

with Lynda Emashowski, M.S., D.L., clinical herbalist, owner of Nia Cu Herbs, and author of Whispered Wisdoms of the Moon
10:00am – 4pm

Ever wonder why you don’t sleep well on a full moon? Or why some people manifest better than you? The moon controls all of the water on the planet and we are made up of 80% water. Learn her specific influences and how to live and organize your life in balance with the rhythms of the Earth. This class teaches you the 16 phases of the moon and how to understand your life as a cycle. Expect to have loads of fun and never look at your world the same. 

"I highly recommend attending! It will change your life. Lynda's class is the "missing piece" real, deal medicine. She teaches in so many different ways, some subtle, some stark, and each lesson, each story she tells, each teaching she gives, will provide you with a stronger connection to yourself and the Divine.

Jessi Lea's moon concert will melt you, inspire you, move you, uplift you and Impress the hell out of you!
The day will be unforgettable. Prepare to be Blown Away. No joke."

Melody Madrone, Willits, CA August 29th, 2017