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New Release: "The Moon"

complete with hand illustrated moon zine 

Hera Has a Heart has finished the second concept album.  Inspired by the teachings of Lynda Emashowski, M.S. D.L, Jessi Lea has written a song for each of the 16 moon phases based on these teachings.  

This album, The Moon, is a challenging and vulnerable acoustic folk album using Jessi Lea's skills to play about 8 different instruments accompanying her poetry and vocalizations.

June and July, and August - Teaching private lessons in and around Asheville, NC and busking in Asheville, NC.

Saturday, September 15th 3pm in the Big Barn, Sandy Mush, NC (111 Mailon King Rd. )

Book/Album Release Gathering for "Whispered Wisdoms of the Moon" and "The Moon".  Hosted by Lynda Emashowski and Jessi Lea.  Come for music, readings from the book, and a potluck.  This is a substance free event.

Check out the latest release of "The Moon" on

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DIY videos made from the Northwest "Mirror Tour" from YouTube on THE MIRROR page.

Hera Has a Heart

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Art added on THE MOON page from the illustrated zine.