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Currently recording Hera Has a Heart's second Concept album.  Inspired by the teachings of Lynda Emashowski, M.S. D.L, Jessi Lea has written a song for each of the 16 moon phases based on these teachings.  

This album, The Moon, is a challenging and vulnerable acoustic folk album using Jessi Lea's skills to play about 8 different instruments accompanying her poetry and vocalizations.

Currently recording "The Moon"

Listen to these Demos for the upcoming album, The Moon:

Past Lesson Moon

​Transformation Moon

To learn more about the up and coming album "The Moon" please visit THE MOON page.  This page has sound links, pictures,  and testimonials from the latest moon tour with teacher, Lynda Emashowski.

Humboldt, CA

Hera Has a Heart

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To learn about and purchase the newly released album from 2017 "The Mirror" please visit THE MIRROR page. There you can find pictures, sound clips, and video links from "The Mirror" tour.